Advantages of service

PUDONG PRIME INT'L LOGISTICS, INC.  have a strong on-line service and shipment tracking internet operation system. Customers can control new development of their shipments anywhere and anytime. And offer important reference for their next action in shipment distribution.

The team at PUDONG PRIME INT'L LOGISTICS, INC.  has considerable experience in coordinating the logistics components of large scale international projects. We are part of a global transportation network with facilities located worldwide. Our projects logistics partners have facilities located in all major cities and throughout both developed and developing countries.

PUDONG PRIME INT'L LOGISTICS, INC.  is engaged in container business and Shipper Own Container transportation for many years. We sign best service contract with main shipping lines. There are ourselves special container yard spread throughout the world. We apply urgent need storage and long term container occupation service, and reduce the detention charges by using the containers of shipping lines for long time. We always delivery the Shipper Own Container to their nomination place in time.