Background of Company

PUDONG PRIME INT'L LOGISTICS, INC., with registered fund of 7 million CNY, is founded in Shanghai in 2002 by many prestigious people who have been engaging in the operation of Sino-US logistics market for many years. It is providing services for PUDONG PRIME INT'L LOGISTICS, INC.   which is enjoying an established fame in Sino-US logistics market. The registered certificate No. issued by the Ministry of Communications of China is MOC- VN00639.

PUDONG PRIME INT'L LOGISTICS, INC. is an based American company which is registered in FMC , The No. of registered certificate is FMC #020460N. It  is also an authorized NVOCC approved by the Ministry of Communications of China. The registered NVOCC certificate No. is MOC-NV00513. PUDONG PRIME INT'L LOGISTICS, INC.  has been in business of Sino-US liner for many years and has staff of more than 500 with the total asset of more than 100 million CNY.we set up a lot of  representative offices and we own ourselves international logistics networks  in the major cities  in the world , and  The total annual turnover is up to USD more 1.2 billion US dollars.we are top 50 on china-north Amenca routes in the world.