Speech of General Manager

PUDONG PRIME INT'L LOGISTICS, INC. consists of a group of people who have profound knowledge about operation and management. They are professionally highly-qualified and continuously in pursuit of excellence. They are tough to face up to challenges and strive to realize their values. They are ambitious, passionate, united, pragmatic and team-players. They are the priceless fortune of our company.

From the very beginning, we have been taking in and cultivating talented people. The talents strategy of fostering talents by high remuneration package and combining the work with the rewards has been strictly being adhered to. The outstanding colleagues who do excellent jobs would be promoted to the decision-making level in the company, which guarantees the continuous vibrant vitality of the company. Our company is entitled as the Sunrise Enterprise in the business circle.  

We sincerely hope that you can get your utmost satisfaction through our courteous services.